We live in the time of big data. Bits of information are being generated at astonishing rate. Its amazing to see patterns emerging from big data invisible in small data. Data possession gives business the competitive edge over their rivals. In centrifugal pump, data generation comes from three main areas namely design, maintenance and operations. Data generation during design phases will be utilized in centrifugal pump life cycle. Various engineering discipline involves in generating the design data. Putting together all these data enable the purchase of a pump. Transmission of data from one group of people to another requires good management systems. Risk of data transfer in design would cause certain critical parameters not being included in the pump completion. Correcting design error in the field can be messy and expensive. Mistakes made on paper is much easier and cleaner to rectify.

Computerized maintenance management systems is common in oil companies and it has become an important tool in the plant maintenance giving company valuable database on their equipment. Data on average time between repair and failure provides some head up on how pump is running in the field. Root cause failure analysis is essential for pump reliability. Without good data investigation like this is not possible and bad data can easily cripple your troubleshooting effort.

Process operations requires monitoring the process data and taking necessary corrective actions. Operators perform plant operations sitting in the control room 24/7 either offshore or onshore overseeing the process parameters critical to plant operations. Abnormal operations need to be acknowledged and acted upon. Set points are to be adjusted. Other than control room guys, town engineers will be using all these field data for analysis and process optimization. Operations and maintenance data are valuable feedback to design. Continuous improvement can only happen when we close the loop by incorporating lesson learns from the field generated by operations and maintenance activities.



Written by Mohammad

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