Safety and health is about keeping people safe. Facilities are designed with safety in mind. Hazards are identified & eliminated. Work processes & controls are in place. All these activities are to prevent harm & injury to people arising from work activity. Daily plant operations are churning out plenty of safety related numbers. To track & measure these safety numbers are an important part of managing safety. This safety number can be neatly summarized in pyramid format. The top of pyramid represents serious & major incidents such as fatality while the bigger numbers residing in the base of pyramid covers minor incidents like near misses & unsafe acts. Small incidents left unattended could lead to catastrophic incidents. As such, it is imperative to eliminate minor incidents as preventive measures.

The inclusion of journey management plan as one of the components in safety management by many oil & gas companies is wise due to road crash statistics is alarming. Journey management plan should raise awareness of the dangers of travelling among employees. This is necessary as people driving back & forth to work everyday. Business travel & leisure expose people to road hazards. Defensive driving is one aspect of journey management plan that could save lives. Knowing your car conditions & good driving habits are some basics of defensive driving. Fatigue is hazardous to driving. Drivers sleeping at the wheel of a moving vehicle is very dangerous. It takes few seconds for a vehicle to swerve into something.

Safe work place is a win win situation for both employers & employees. Living injury free everyday is a boon. As the saying goes health is wealth.

Written by Mohammad

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