Project rework is messy. It delays the mechanical completion, wasting time & resources, bickering among team members and many other nuisances. In short, project rework is counterproductive.

Front end engineering is an activity to produce specifications for a project. Selecting the concept is part of the front end activity. The quality of thinking & planning during the front end will influence the subsequent progress of a project. Work done during the front end will be used as the basis for design of a project. Design, procurement & construction of a project will be based on the project specifications produced by the front end activity. Front end activity is primarily on paper. Production cannot be realized until field mechanical completion. As such, there is a tendency to rush through front end to quickly get into the project execution phase. It shows time and again sloppy work during front end leads to badly executed projects.

It should be noted that front end engineering is not for major projects only. The front end activity for major projects should be more involve than minor projects. However, this does not necessarily mean that when it comes to minor projects we just pay lip service to front end engineering. Minor projects have its economic significance to business and carry with it certain execution risks. Therefore, spending time, money and effort on the front end activity for minor projects is worthwhile.




Written by Mohammad

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