Live below water is an important source of protein for millions of people. Coral is an integral part of the marine biodiversity that we inherited from our ancestors and hopefully we will pass it along to future generations. There are claims that coral is under serious threat and at risk of becoming extinct. These claim are certainly alarming as it will have a serious impact on the livelihood of millions of people. Various human activities contribute to coral deterioration. One area that we will be looking at is fishing.

Fishing activity is aplenty in coastal areas and has been the main source of income for coastal community for generations. As such, fishing is essential to their socioeconomic and identity. As over-fishing can deplete certain coral species. It is therefore necessary to curb over-fishing to safeguard these coral species. One measure to stop over-fishing is to put a limit on how much fish people can catch. By restricting fisherman activity will most likely reduce their income and it is necessary to help fisherman to offset their loss of income as a result of the limit impose on fishing activity. As such, help is required to help fisherman to generate another sources of income.

If over-fishing is not good, illegal fishing is more sinister. Illegal fishing employs fishing methods to haul the most fish out of the water with no regard for the suitability of the fishing gear like nets and traps that can damage fish habitats. Certain nets will remove too much fish from water disturbing the marine ecosystem. Another method hazardous to coral is fish bombing. Not only this bombing is destructive to the coral reef, there are reported cases of fatality associated with bombing. Stricter controls & drastic actions such as sinking these illegal fishing boats are necessary to stop illegal fishing.

The success of managing fishing issues involves coordination various stakeholders and this can be challenging. Also, patrolling vast open sea is not easy and resource intensive.


Written by Mohammad

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